Lomakov Museum of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles

The Lomakov Museum of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles is the first auto and motorcycle museum in Moscow (Russia). The first non-state museum in Russia since 1917. Founded in 1987. Opened for tours in 1991.

Since 1968, Lomakov enthusiasts have collected a unique collection of 130 historical cars and motorcycles. From a 1914 Peugeot motorcycle left by the French expeditionary force in Arkhangelsk during the intervention in 1918, to a 1977 GAZ-13 Chaika donated to the Patriarch of All Rus’ Pimen.

The founder of the museum, collector of vintage cars and motorcycles, Dmitry Alexandrovich Lomakov (president of the Russian club of lovers of vintage cars and motorcycles “RETROMOTOR”, expert on vintage cars, co-chairman of the “Russian Union of Non-State Museums”) began to create it back in 1987, and is completing and developing the museum to this day.

The beginning of the dynasty of collectors and restorers of vintage cars Lomakovs was laid by his father Alexander Alekseevich Lomakov (1928-2005) (in 1959 he restored the Rolls-Royce from 1916, which was driven by Vladimir Lenin, and before him, probably, was driven by the brother of Nicholas II Mikhail Romanov – since he had the same car.

Now in the main hall of the Lomakov Automotive Museum there are about 50 vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, as well as hundreds of small exhibits in showcases.

Cars from the collection took part in over 120 movies.

Address: located in the south-east of Moscow, in the Lyublino district, not far from the Lyublino metro station, at the address: st. Krasnodarskaya, 58.

Museum visits and guided tours by appointment only. Cost: 1500 roubles. Excursion + 300 roubles for each adult and 200 roubles per child (from 2 to 18 years old).

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