Llavorsí and its rafting activites

Llavorsí is a town and municipality in the region of Pallars Sobirà in Lleida province (SpainCataloniaPyrenees).

It comprises three decentralized municipal entities: Arestui, Baiasca and Montenartró.

Until the middle of the 19th century it was called Llaborsí.

The town of Llavorsí is located at an altitude of 811 m, to the right of the Noguera Pallaresa, at the confluence with the Noguera de Cardós.

In Llavorsí, the Noguera Pallaresa changes direction: it arrives from the north-west and turns towards the south-west).


Llavorsí is one of the Pallares towns with a tradition of welcoming tourists. The town of Llavorsí was, at the beginning of the 90s, became the birthplace of rafting on a European scale. The white waters of Noguera Pallaresa are ideal for practicing this sport. At the moment, adventure sports companies bring thousands of visitors down the river who want to know the attractions of the river, city and its surroundings.

As for cultural heritage, there is the Mare de Déu de Biuse hermitage. It is a baroque sanctuary that presided over the old medieval town. Every year the population of Llavorsí holds a city festival there. Very close to it are the ruins of Gilareny Castle. Today, a tower of it still stands.

Baiasca is the nucleus where the most Romanesque heritage has been maintained and which is so particular to the Catalan Pyrenees. There is the church of Sant Serni, where inside it some frescoes from this time are preserved. Also, one can find some remains of the chapel of Sant Bartomeu of which an apse and one wall remain.

Main information

Area: 68 sq. km

Coordinates: 42° 29′ 45″ N, 1° 12′ 38″ E

Population: 343

Languages: Spanish, Catalan

Currency: euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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