Lincoln Type 8 Double Phaeton L series. V8.

The Lincoln L series (also called the Lincoln Model L) is the first automobile that was produced by the Lincoln Motor Company.

After leaving the company over a dispute with William Durant over World War I production, Cadillac founder Henry Leland created the Lincoln Motor Company.

Initially the company produced Liberty V12 aircraft engines as its only source of revenue.

With the war concluded, and at the age of 74, Leland decided to make the Lincoln Motor car.

The company was reorganized in 1920 and created the first L-series car in 1920, for sale as a 1921 model

Introduced in 1920, the L series would continue to be produced after the bankruptcy of Lincoln in 1922 and its purchase by Ford Motor Company.

It was an alternative to various top level luxury vehicles to include the Mercedes-Benz 630, Rolls-Royce Phantom I, Renault Type MC, Packard Twin Six, and Cadillac Type 61.

It was replaced during 1930 by the Model K.

Assembly of the L series took place in Detroit, Michigan.

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