LiAZ-4292 “Kubik” (Cube)

LiAZ-4292 “Cursor” is a Russian middle-class low-floor city bus produced by the Likinsky Bus Plant. Designed for large cities on routes with average or moderately low passenger traffic. It has been in serial production since 2015; as of the summer of 2023, 2,669 copies were previously produced, of which at least 1,363 (51%) are in use in Moscow and the Moscow region.

For its characteristic proportions it received the nickname “cube”. There have been cases of bus operation on heavily loaded routes in Moscow, which has drawn criticism from transport planning experts.

From the moment of the creation of the Likinsky Bus Plant and until 2014, LiAZ did not release a single model of a middle-class bus. Produced until 1994, the LiAZ-677 was a large class bus (10.5 meters), the length of its predecessor, the LiAZ-158 bus, was 9.03 meters, but its production was initially deployed at the Likhachev plant (ZiL). The formal predecessor of the new bus model was LiAZ-5292.60-60 (shortened modification up to 10.5 meters).


All buses are produced with modification 4292.60, no more buses with other modifications are produced. The buses are produced in a three-door (city) version and a semi-low-floor version. The three-door version has 3 doors (1-2-1), 18-23 seats, and a completely low floor.

The two-door version has 2 doors (1-2-0), 27 seats, and a high floor level in the second part of the cabin, separated from the low floor level by two steps immediately behind the second door. At the request of the customer, an air conditioner of the “August” brand is installed in the bus.

Assembly plant: Likino-Dulyovo (Moscow Oblast, Russia)

Years of production: 2015—

Length: 9,500 mm

Width: 2,500 mm

Height: 2,740 mm

Issued: +2,000 items

Capacity: 65 passengers (23 seats)

Engine: 4 cylinders; 4430 cc

ECO standard: Euro-5

Power: 210 HP

Max speed: 85 km/h

Weight: 9,020 kg

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