Leon Bollee from 1904 with four cylinders (4000 cc). Max. speed: 30 km/h. Made in France

Léon Bollée Automobiles was a French company founded by Léon Bollée in Le Mans to build a first vehicle called “Voiturette”.

The Bollée family, all car makers, created three brands:

  • steam vehicles, Amédée Bollée (father), built between 1873 and 1885.
  • petrol (gasoline) cars, Amédée Bollée (son), built between 1896 and 1923.
  • the automobiles of Léon Bollée, between 1895 and 1931.

Léon Bollée Automobiles

The first “Voiturette” built by Léon Bollée in 1895 was a three-wheel tandem driven by a single-cylinder 3 HP engine and belt drive. The cars sold well and several hundred were made for Léon Bollée by Hurtu & Diligeon, only the prototypes were made at the Le Mans factory.

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