The building of the Institute LenNIIproekt by Oleg Guryev

Institute LenNIIproekt

In 1956, the construction of the Revolution (Trinity) square in St. Petersburg was completed. Residential building, built on the corner of St. Kuibyshev, and the building of the LenNIIproekt gave the square a finished look. The authors of the building project are architects O. I. Guryev, Ya. N. Lukin, A. P. Shcherbenok, N. V. Maksimov.

The magnificent appearance of the building is given by the colonnades decorating the facades. The monumental multi-column building dominates the entire square. O. I. Guryev was a modern follower of A. Palladio, whose work he highly appreciated for the harmonious fusion of rational and emotional principles in architecture.

Oleg Ivanovich Guryev (1912, St. Petersburg – 1986, Leningrad) – Soviet architect, urban planner, a prominent representative of Stalin’s neoclassicism, teacher and theorist of architectural composition. Born in St. Petersburg in the family of the artist I. Guryev.

LenNIIproekt moved to a building specially built for it in 1956.

Established in 1925, it has grown from a small Stroykom (50-60 employees) into the country’s largest design institute (2,700 employees in the 1970s).

The institute worked on plans for the development of Leningrad. Implementing these plans, in 1966-1976 500 thousand apartments, 200 buildings of kindergartens and nurseries, more than 160 schools, dozens of vocational schools, 60 polyclinics, over 30 consumer service centers, 75 shopping centers, 15 cinemas were built in the city.

Buildings in many cities of the country were built according to the Institute’s standard designs. With the participation of the LenNIIproekt, house-building factories were created.

The architects of the LenNIIproekt designed the Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall, the Yubileiny Sports Palace, the Youth Theater, Pulkovo Airport, the Sovetskaya Hotel, Leningrad, Moscow, the Nevsky Palace of Culture, the House of Political Education, the complex on Sq. Victory.

Address: Troitskaya Square, Petrogradskaya Side, 3, St. Petersburg
Metro: Gorkovskaya.

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