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Stay home!

Andorra’s Health Minister said today, “The virus doesn’t travel alone. It doesn’t have legs. It travels by way of human beings,so we have to change our social habits. We should not socialise with those outside our intimate circle. Best virus control: Stay at home.

He continued. We are not closing our schools and businesses so we can find other ways to socialise. (Stay at home.) It is the responsibility of all citizens. This is the government’s recommendation. If citizens and residents do not obey we will all have to face the consequences.” Keep your distance and – stay at home.

The 87-year-old woman infected with Covid-19 is now on the mend as is the patient in intensive care. There are 26 patients awaiting results from their tests. Meanwhile they are all being treated as if they have the virus. 90 contacts are in isolation at home.

China’s new cases are virtually down to zero and the number who are sick is diminishing rapidly. The Government says, “We must prepare to receive the pandemic but we know that it will eventually end and the sick will begin to get better.”

The government has warned that there will be sanctions of up to 20,000€ for any business found not closing its doors in compliance with the new regulations. They also chastise them for acting egotistically rather than following the instructions of the health authorities and acting in everyone’s interests.

The government has set aside 60 million euros to help businesses affected by the virus.

The Covid-19 information telephone line, 188, received almost 300 calls during the first few hours of its operation. Most questions were from workers enquiring about their rights and from tourists thinking of visiting Andorra. The line can also be accessed from outside Andorra on +376 301 188.

Spanish Border Closure:

There seem to be conflicting stories on the this. Andorra says it is not planning to close either of its frontiers. Spain says it will close their side of the Andorran border from Monday. This will apply to people but not to merchandise, medicines, food or basic facilities. There will also be exceptions for people. Those going for health appointments, to their bank in Spain, crossing for work, going home, helping old people or minors, will not be affected. Those outside Andorra can return home but it is going to become more complicated.

Shops and restaurants

Patisseries can sell bread, croissants etc but not for consumption on the premises. All cafés are closed. Hotels’ restaurants are only allowed to serve their own overnight guests. However restaurants can make home deliveries.

Finally: Sunshine and Fresh Air

During the ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic after World War I, the health services, totally over–stretched, found that lying patients out in fresh air and sunshine often speeded up their recovery.

So that’s encouraging as Andorra certainly provides lots of both. Medics also found that severely ill flu patients, nursed outdoors, recovered better than those treated indoors. There is scientific support for this. Research shows that outdoor air is a natural disinfectant. Fresh air can kill harmful germs. Equally, sunlight is germicidal and there is now evidence it too can kill viruses. Written by Richard Hobday.

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