LATEST REGULATIONS AND EVENTS as of Friday 13th March, 2020

LATEST REGULATIONS AND EVENTS as of Friday 13th March, 2020:

•Those at home from school are requested not to meet up in informal groups.

•Food shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and banks are allowed to be open.

•Almost allother commercial activity to cease for at least the next 15 days.

•Cafés, restaurants, club houses, leisure centres etc are all closed.

•Concerts, conferences etc are being cancelled (hence little for me to report for Cultural Events.)

•Socialising is not encouraged.

•The ski stations are closed but offering refunds. Good information on their websites.

•Public Bus services have been reduced to 30% of normal.

•The elderly/ vulnerable must be especially protected. If living in a Residencia/Home they have to stay indoors and they are only allowed one designated visitor from outside per patient.

•Patients in the hospital are only allowed family visitors –which will be tough for the ex-pat community though of course you can still telephone your friends.

•We are being discouraged from going to town parks.


•The Minister of Health called on us all to show co-responsibility and to cutdown our social activities in the face of the virus.

•The usual,frequent hand-washing for 20 seconds, is emphasised, not only after going to the lavatory but also when coming in from shopping or fromany place outside the home.

•Cough either into a tissue which you then dispose of in a litter bin or, as they do in many countries, cough into your elbow so as not to spread germs to other people’s’ faces.

•If you cannot get disinfectant gel for your hands, alcohol 60% or over can be bought in pharmacies and supermarkets and decanted into a small bottle for carrying with you.

•Try hard not to touch your face as that is how most Covid-19 infections are caught.We are said to touch our faces on average 90 times a day!

•Do not shake hands or embrace. Instead the Indian greeting of Namaste, where you hold your hands together as in prayer, is rapidly becoming the gracious greeting of choice. Namaste literally means ‘I bow to you’ andis accompanied by a slight inclination of the head.

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