Lada 4×4 Bronto Niva 212140

Bronto is a division for the production of special vehicles and SUVs of AvtoVAZ.

In 1993, as part of the AvtoVAZ research center, the production of special armored vehicles and SUVs on the Niva car platform was established – the PSA Bronto company. The following year, more than 200 copies of this model were sold, which allowed the company to begin work on new projects.

Developing the AvtoVAZ VAZ-2121 Niva model, the company created the Lada-Bronto 192200 Marsh all-terrain vehicle (also known as a swamp vehicle), which aroused great interest at the 1995 Moscow Motor Show. This vehicle is designed to work in specific conditions that involve crossing marshy swamps, deep snow, and sand dunes. Its first copies went to Surgut and Nadym. In 2002, more than 30 SUVs 192200 “Marsh” were purchased by the government of Yakutia.

Country: Russia (Tolyatti)

Year: 2018

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1690 cc

Power: 83 HP

Max speed: 140 km/h

Fuel consumption: 12 l/100 km

Weight: 1285 kg

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