La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima (MTM) was a Barcelona (Spain) metallurgical company. Since 1989 it has been integrated into the French multinational railway equipment Alstom.

It was founded in Barcelona on September 14, 1855, as a result of the merger between the workshops of Valentín Esparó Giralt (Valentín Esparó y Consocios, acquired from the Bonaplata company in 1839) and La Barcelonesa Society (Tous, Ascacíbar y Compañía), founded in 1838 by Nicolás Tous Mirapeix and Celedonio Ascacíbar.

In its beginnings it was dedicated to the construction of all kinds of heavy machinery. The main shareholders were, in addition to the named owners, Ramón Bonaplata, Josep M.Serra, Juan Güell Ferrer, José Antonio de Mendiguren and Nicolau Tous Soler.

Its first workshops are built in the Barcelona neighborhood of La Barceloneta, in 1861, with a total area of 17,500 m². They had 1,200 workers. In 1917, he built his second factory, between the Barcelona neighborhoods of San Andrés de Palomar and El Buen Pastor, with an extension of more than 100,000 m², reaching a workforce of 3,000 workers.

Around 1965, the La Barceloneta workshops were dismantled and kept as a warehouse for products that, although finished, will not be sold until later. Around 1993, the San Andrés de Palomar workshops were completely dismantled and moved to workshops built between the municipalities of Santa Perpetua de Moguda and Mollet del Vallés. At that time it also merged with the veteran MACOSA.

A monument in Igualada

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