Krasin (1916): Soviet icebreaker

The first icebreaker Krassin, or Krasin, (Russian: Красин) was built for the Imperial Russian Navy as Svyatogor. She had a long, distinguished career in rescue operations, as well as a pathfinder and explorer of the Northern Sea Route. She has been fully restored to operating condition and is now a museum ship in Saint Petersburg.

Assembly: Armstrong Whitworth (United Kingdom)

Year: 1916-1917

Length: 99 m

Beam: 22 m

Draft: 9 m

Armament (WW2): four guns (76 mm), seven AA guns (20 mm), 10 large caliber machine guns

Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd was a major British manufacturing company of the early years of the 20th century. With headquarters in Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, Armstrong Whitworth built armaments, ships, locomotives, automobiles and aircraft.

The company was founded by William Armstrong in 1847, becoming Armstrong Mitchell and then Armstrong Whitworth through mergers. In 1927, it merged with Vickers Limited to form Vickers-Armstrongs, with its automobile and aircraft interests purchased by J D Siddeley.

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