Krasnoarmeysky bridge in St. Petersburg

The Krasnoarmeysky bridge is a pedestrian metal beam bridge-heat pipeline across the Fontanka in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg, connecting Spassky and Bezymyanny islands.

It is located at the source of the Kryukov Canal, connecting the eastern embankment of the Kryukov Canal and the Fontanka embankment. Upstream of the river is the Izmailovsky Bridge, below – the Egyptian Bridge. The nearest metro station is Technological Institute (960 m).

The bridge was built in 1956 due to the need to lay heating pipes here. The authors of the project are the engineer of the Lengiproinzhproekt Institute A. A. Kulikov, the architects P. A. Areshev and V. S. Vasilkovsky.

The bridge is 61.5 m long and 4.5 m wide. Estimated spans – 16.65 + 24.0 + 16.65 m. It is identical in design to the nearby English Bridge. The bridge is distinguished by excellent proportions, forming, together with the Egyptian and English bridges, a kind of ensemble, sustained in a single architectural tone.

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