Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow

Kotelnicheskaya embankment is an embankment in Moscow on the left bank of the Moskva River, from the mouth of the Yauza and the Maly Ustinsky Bridge to the 1st Goncharny lane (between Podgorskaya embankment and Goncharnaya embankment).

Named at the beginning of the 20th century after the former Kotelnicheskaya Sloboda. On the opposite bank – Kosmodamianskaya embankment.

Notable buildings

No. 1/15 – Residential building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, “Stalin’s skyscraper”, closing the prospect from the Kremlin to the mouth of the Yauza (the authors of the project are D.N. Chechulin, A.K. Rostkovsky, engineer L.M. Gokhman). To make room for construction, four lanes were completely demolished: Bolshoi and Maly Podgorny, Kurnosov and Sveshnikov. The “Old”, 9-storey residential building overlooking the Moscow River was designed in 1938 and completed in 1940. The central volume, 176 meters high, was built in 1948-1952. It has 26 floors (together with technical – 32).

No. 17 – the building of the almshouse (1887, architect A. S. Kaminsky).

No. 21, 25 – residential buildings of the 1920s in the style of constructivism. Since 2014, the Russian Monolith developer has been conducting large-scale construction on the site No. 21 to build a residential complex.

No. 25/8 – residential building (1938-1940, architect I. I. Loveyko).


Near the embankment there are metro stations “Taganskaya (ring)”, “Taganskaya (radial)”, “Marksiskaya” and “Kitay-gorod”.

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