Komsomolskaya metro station (Koltsevaya line)

Komsomolskaya is a Moscow metro station on the Koltsevaya Line (Ring Line). A transfer with the station of the same name on the Sokolnicheskaya line connects it.

It is located in the Krasnoselsky District (CAO) under Komsomolskaya Square (Moscow), where it got its name. It was opened on January 30, 1952, as part of the Kurskaya – Belorusskaya section, forming a columned three-vaulted deep station with one island platform.

It is one of the busiest metro stations in Moscow (mainly due to the Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky and Kazansky stations located next to the square). Named the most popular (busiest) Moscow metro station by the Moscow Department of Transport in 2021, 29.1 million people used it.

The vestibule combines the top of two escalator tunnels of two stations, the entrance from Komsomolskaya Square, the exit to the square between Yaroslavsky and Leningradsky stations and the door from the underground lobby with corridors from both stations.

This entire architectural ensemble is located inside the street pavilion. It is a large two-story building of a cross shape with two six-column entrances from the side of Komsomolskaya Square and with access to the platforms of Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky railway stations from the opposite side. From it, you can also go to the Kalanchevskaya platform of the Kursk direction of the Moscow Railway.

The inner vault of the vestibule protrudes outside with a large gray dome. This dome is crowned with a high spire with a five-pointed star. The star depicts a hammer and sickle.

In 1952, with P. D. Korin, the architect A. V. Shchusev was posthumously awarded the Stalin Prize of the second degree for 1951 for the station’s architecture. The design of the station is a columnar, three-vaulted, deep-laid structure. The design used a prefabricated cast-iron lining and a monolithic slab as a tray. The length of the landing hall is 190 meters, the width of the central nave is 11 m (instead of 8 m, which is typical for stations of this design) and the height of the hall is 9 m (instead of the characteristic 5.5 m). According to the last two indicators, this station is the largest of the columned stations of the Moscow metro.

Komsomolskaya station is the apotheosis of the Stalinist Empire style. It is distinguished by grandiosity, pomposity and a combination of classicism, Empire style and Moscow baroque.

The triumph of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War is the leading theme of the station’s interior architecture.

The grandeur of this patriotic theme is reflected in the vast scale of the underground hall’s spatial construction, the richness of the decorative decoration, and the brightness of its color and lighting scheme. The station’s ceiling is decorated with eight mosaic panels of smalt and precious stones. They are a visualization of the speech of I.V. Stalin, delivered at the parade on November 7, 1941.

The laying depth is 37 meters.

The opening time of the station for the entry of passengers is 5 hours 20 minutes (exit to Kazansky railway station) and 5 hours 30 minutes (exit to Yaroslavsky railway station).

Ground public transport

At this station, you can transfer to the following routes of urban passenger transport:

Buses: 40, s633, t14, t41, n15
Trams: 7, 13, 37, 50

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