Kartings from Fernando Alonso museum. Kart racing or karting is a variant of motorsport road racing with open-wheel, four-wheeled vehicles known as go-karts or shifter karts. They are usually raced on scaled-down circuits, although some professional kart races are also held on full-size motorsport circuits.

– Children’s karting from 1984 

Fernando Alonso’s first kart, handmade by his father José Luis and painted by Mclaren colors. He took part on the Asturian Regional Championship in 1984. Motor: Minarelli (50 cc).

– Karting Junior from 1985 (6) 

With this kart, handmade by his father too, Fernando Alfonso took part in the Asturian Racing Regional Championship during 1985 and 1986. Engine: Minarelli with 50 cc.

– Karting Junior from 1988 (1) 

In 1988 and 1989 Fernando Alonso becomes karting champion of Asturias and Galicia in Junior category. Chassis: Handmade. Motor: Minarelli (50 cc).

– Cadet Karting from 1990 (7)

In Cadet category, a single-engine championship with maximum mechanical equality, Fernando begins to take part in other championships, being champion of Asturias and the Basque Country. Chassis: DAP. Engine: Comer S (80 cc).

– Karting Junior from 1996 (14)

Fernando Alonso then used the number “14” for his racing cars (Formula 1). Chassis: Mike Wilson Mk2. Engine: IAME Parilla (100 cc).

– Karting “INTER-A” from 1997 (49)

In “INTERCONTINENTAL-A” category, Fernando Alonso becomes the champion of Italy in 1997 and the champion of Spain in 1998. Chassis: Mike Wilson Mk5. Engine: IAME Parilla (100 cc).

– Karting “Formula Super-A” from 1999 (170)

In his last year of professional karting, he competed in the Euro Open Movistar in the premier class category at the highest level. Chassis: Mike Wilson Mk7. Motor: IAME Parilla (100 cc).

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