The Kapiscooter was a microcar model launched by the Kapi brand in 1957. Manufactured in Barcelona (Spain), a total production of 200 units is estimated.

The Kapi was a Spanish automobile manufactured by Automóviles y Autoscooter Kapi in Barcelona from 1950 until 1955. Designed by Captain Federico Saldaña, the first car was a light three-wheeled two door runabout powered by a 125 cc 2 cv single-cylinder two-stroke engine made by Montesa. The single wheel was at the front.

Other models followed including:

the Kapiscooter with Hispano-Villiers engine
the Jip, a miniature Jeep with 197 cc engine
the Chiqui, a three-wheeler with single wheel at the rear
the Platillo Volante (flying saucer), a four-wheel coupé
the M190 with miniature Mercedes 190 body

This exhibit comes from The Salvador Claret Automobile Collection

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