Kamaz-6282 Electrobus

The electric bus is equipped with two asynchronous electric motors located in the electric portal bridge manufactured by ZF. It is equipped with three route indicators in the front, on the starboard side and in the back of the electric bus. Additionally (by order of Moscow) a route indicator-monitor is installed with the display of the remaining stops along the way. The electric bus is two-axle, the rear wheels are driven. The front suspension is independent, pneumatic with an electronic control system and body tilt function. Rear suspension dependent, pneumatic. The brake system is mechanical, disc, auxiliary braking is associated with an electric motor and is equipped with an energy recovery system in the TAB.

The electric bus has three doors for boarding and disembarking passengers. The bus has 33 seats. The seats are anti-vandal, plastic. A place for the disabled is provided in the storage area, a folding ramp is installed on the middle door. The glazing of the electric bus is tinted, the windshield is panoramic, glued. The driver’s seat is adjustable, pneumatic.

Development: Neftekamsk (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia)

Assembly: Сокольнический вагоноремонтно-строительный завод (Moscow, Russia)

Years of production: 2018—

Production: more than 900 items

Capacity: 85 passengers

Engine: electric

Power: 2 × 169 HP

Max speed: 70 km/h

Fuel consumption: 0 l/100 km

Weight: 12,120 kg

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