Kalanchevskaya Street in Moscow

Kalanchevskaya Street is a street in the center of Moscow, one of the most important thoroughfares of the Krasnoselsky District, between Lermontovskaya Square and Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya Street.

It was named in the 19th century after the nearby Kalanchevskoye field (now Komsomolskaya Square), the name of which arose in connection with the existence here in the 17th century of the royal traveling palace with a high tower.

Main attractions

Odd side:

No. 1, 3 – Profitable houses owned by Grigorova Maria from 1904-1917.

No. 11, building 2 – Fuel and Energy Committee of the Moscow Region; publishing house “Astrapharmservice”;

No. 15A / 7 – The building of the Orgmetal society (1926, architects O. O. Shneidratus, D. I. Frenkel, engineer B. A. Gaidu), now – FSUE STC Informtekhnika, Mosstroyrekonstruktsiya. Identified object of cultural heritage;

No. 17 – Factory of electric hanging of teas of the Trading House “S. V. Perlov and I. I. Kuznetsov” (1905-1906, architect K. K. Gippius).

No. 21/40 – Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel;

No. 29 – Moscow Railway: Central Directorate for Passenger Service in Suburban Communication.

No. 33/12 – Moscow Theater Music Hall.

Even side:

No. 2 – Moscow Scientific and Technical Center “Red Gate”;

No. 2/1 – Russian Railways (JSC RZD): Main Computing Center;

No. 4/2 building 1 – Profitable house (1875, architect A. A. Nikiforov). Included in the Red Book of Archnadzor (electronic catalog of objects of immovable cultural heritage of Moscow under threat).

No. 6/2 – Russian Railways: Center for Corporate Transport Services.

No. 16 – Kalanchevskaya Plaza business center.

No. 24 – a residential building of the 1830s (rebuilt at the end of the 19th century). A two-story building with a first floor of brick and a second of wood.

No. 26 – (IMDT) Institute of Fashion, Design and Technology.

On the opposite side of house number 29 is the building of the former Imperial Railway Pavilion (actual address: Komsomolskaya sq., building 1A, building 2).

Metro: Komsomolskaya (ring), Komsomolskaya (radial), Krasnye vorota.

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