Kometa 10S Izdeliye-352 (NATO code: AS-2 Kipper)

The K-10 is a Soviet air-launched cruise missile developed as a replacement for the KS-1 anti-ship missiles. It was equipped with a high-explosive or nuclear warhead. It was used from Tu-16K aircraft. It was also developed for the Tu-22 and Tu-95.

DB: OKB-155 (MiG)

Assembly plant: Tbilisi (USSR)

Years of production: 1955—1979

In service: 1962—1994

Production: 1669 items

Engine: ТРДФ М-9ФК

Max speed: 563 m/s (2030 km/h)

Firing range: 350 km

Weight: 4530 kg

The Patriot Military Historical Park in Kronstadt (Russia)

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