Jordi Torres has awarded the prize to the winner of the ideas contest for the drafting and direction of the construction works of the future National Automobile Museum

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The Minister of Territorial Planning of Andorra (Pyrenees), Jordi Torres, has awarded the prize to the winner of the ideas contest for the drafting and direction of the construction works of the future National Automobile Museum, in the Plaza de los Arínsols de Encamp, in the work “Granit i Vidre” to the architects Lluís Ginjaume (Taller d’Arquitectura i Tècnica, SAU) and Gerard Veciana (ARTEKS, SL), for an amount of 12,000 euros.

Minister Torres has valued that this project will create an urban and architectural axis that will encompass Plaza de los Arínsols, the Edificio del Comú, the Rosaleda Hotel and the National Automobile Museum. For his part, the mayor, Jorge Torres Arauz, said that this project is fundamental for the parish, and he thanked the government for the promotion of this construction that highlights the car heritage that the country has.

At the awards ceremony, which was held in the commune of Encamp with the presence of the communal authorities, headed by the mayor, Jordi Torres Arauz, and the minor consul, Ester París, a prize of 6,500€ was also given to the runner-up; “The engine of change, a change of engine”, by Bonaventura Riberaygua, Toni Riberaygua and Andreu Riba; the 3rd prize of 3,500 euros went to “Continuous” by Josep Adserà; the 4th prize of 2,000 euros fell to “Fluent with the environment” project by Miquel Mercè and finally the 5th prize of 2,000 euros went to the work “Musaa” by Jacint Gil and Pau Iglesias.

The jury, chaired by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Olga Gelabert and the Minister of Territorial Planning, Jordi Torres, and the mayor of Encamp, Jordi Torres Arauz, wanted to thank the candidates for the quality and diversity of the projects presented.

Last May, the Government of Andorra and the Commune of Encamp signed a collaboration agreement for the construction of the new National Automobile Museum. It will be built on a plot of 1,904.77 m² next to Plaza de los Arínsols and will consist of a new building and a new communal public square.

During the presentation of the project it was suggested that the underground construction of this museum will occupy the subsoil of the perimeter streets for a greater use of the space. The project foresees providing direct access to the square in the Museum that will be placed in the buried plants. The architectural project respects the regulations dictated by the Government regarding the protection of the Hotel Rosaleda.

The new building will replace the current museum, inaugurated in 1998 also in the parish of Encamp, making a qualitative leap that allows exhibiting the set of classic vehicles, owned by different private clients, with sufficient guarantees of satisfaction for the visitors. The future National Automobile Museum will also introduce teaching elements that can make visits more attractive as well as free spaces for the programming of complementary activities or temporary exhibitions.

The overall project budget estimated by architects is around 11.5 million euros. The Government plans to award the drafting of the project before the end of the year.

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