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Joan Mañe Fort:

My name is Joan Mañé Fort (in catalan: Joan Manyer). I am from Reus, Catalonia, Spain. I have degree in Geography and History by the URV Tarragona, although I am self-taught painter was a student for six years with the painter Pere Calderó Reus Ripoll. Since childhood I have always drawn, to paint with various techniques such as oil on canvas, watercolor, pen drawing and drawing with pencil lead with tempera paint.

My style would be in idealism. As an artist and historian to document my liking me about places and subjects that have some value or historical significance. I like to travel and see the issues that interest are aesthetically suitable for being painted. I also love to draw and paint on technological creations either architectural or cars, especially classic cars, all documented in time.

I have done numerous solo and group exhibitions both at home (Reus, Tarragona, Figueres, Barcelona …) and when gaining abroad (New York, Paris, Florence, Frankfurt, Innsbruck, Ghent, Copenhagen …). I also like to write and why sometimes write letters to the editor in the press. Currently Contributing art critic in several publications and magazines printed and digital as Revistart. Revista de las Artes (Barcelona) (Tarragona) Bonart (Girona) and Editorial Olives (Sant Joan les Fonts, Girona).

My blogs:

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Direct contacts to buy: +34 681312930, email: [email protected]

Butterfly monarch, Danaus plexippus. Watercolor and ink, 2019

Queen butterfly, Papilio machaon, watercolor and ink, 2019

Blue Morpho, Morpho Peleides, watercolor and ink, 2019


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