A roundtrip flight to Madrid from Andorra would cost around $7,500 euro for 4 persons, said JetConsult’s founder, Rieko Dalhuisen

Photo: Cormac Ryan-Meenan

Founded in 2015 by Rieko Dalhuisen, a passionate aviation expert with extensive experience in the Royal Netherlands Air Force and prominent roles within the commercial aviation sector, JetConsult was born from a recognition of the growing demand for exceptional private jet charter services.

In 2020, JetConsult extended its international presence by inaugurating an Andorra branch, and in 2022, it merged seamlessly into the Andorra Aviation Group. This strategic alliance was inspired by JetConsult’s founder who is now an Andorran resident, and his esteemed business partner, Chris Bouwer, who is also a resident of Andorra. As an integral part of the Andorra Aviation Group, JetConsult leveraged Chris Bouwer’s business acumen to bolster its standing as a reputable enterprise – not only in the Netherlands but also within the principality of Andorra.

We talked to Rieko Dalhuisen about trends in the commercial aviation market in Europe in general, and Andorra in particular.

Interview: Irina Rybalchenko

Please tell us about your business here in Andorra. What is your fleet?

With growing demand in Andorra, our investment in JetConsult Andorra and the formation of the Andorra Aviation Group has become essential in this niche. We are dedicated to expanding and enhancing our services for this vibrant region.

The Andorra Aviation Group has left an indelible mark on Andorra La Seu Airport, where it proudly showcases a state-of-the-art hangar with a luxury VIP departure lounge.

Furthermore, our group operates its very own Pilatus PC24 jet from Andorra La Seu Airport. This versatile aircraft possesses the unique ability to access shorter runways, unlocking destinations that were once considered inaccessible.

JetConsult offers a comprehensive range of private jets, ensuring a diverse array of options for all types of travelers. Whether it’s light jets for the shorter flights, or long-haul aircraft for extensive long-haul journeys, JetConsult’s versatile fleet caters to a wide spectrum of travelers.

Photo: Cormac Ryan-Meenan

What kind of destinations are you talking about?

Our passengers hail not only from our home nations of the Netherlands and Andorra, but from every corner of the globe. With a well-connected network of airlines and agents, our reach extends far beyond our physical locations. This global presence enables us to effortlessly arrange charters to destinations as diverse as the vibrant cities of South America, the exotic landscapes of Asia, or the untamed beauty of Africa.

 What kind of clients does JetConsult fly?

JetConsult is a preferred choice for many types of discerning clientele – spanning business executives, luminaries from the international DJ realm, a multitude of athletes, such as those in MotoGP and Cycling, as well as individuals who demand the epitome of comfort and privacy.

Why fly private from Andorra La Seu airport?

Traveling from Andorra La Seu Airport offers a substantial advantage in terms of saving time. For instance, a journey from your residence in Escaldes to your hotel in Ibiza can now be completed within a mere 2 hours. This is a stark contrast to the time-consuming process of driving to Barcelona, parking your vehicle, enduring lengthy check-in procedures, waiting for your luggage, and then commuting to your hotel. The time saved is substantial and invaluable. If you fly private, you can arrive a mere 10 minutes before take-off, eliminating the stress and time-consuming hassles associated with traditional air travel.

What are your fares? How much does it cost to fly per hour?

Determining the fares for private jet flights is a nuanced process. Several factors come into play, including the specific date of the flight, the destination, the number of passengers, and even the duration of the stay. It’s a dynamic pricing model that ensures passengers receive the most accurate and fair cost for their personalized travel experiences. A roundtrip flight to Madrid from Andorra would cost around $7,500 euro for 4 persons, whereas a roundtrip flight to Ibiza for the weekend would cost around $15,000 euro for a maximum of 6 passengers.

Photo: Cormac Ryan-Meenan

What are your competitive advantages? 

In an industry where the competition is fierce, we’ve always relied on our unwavering commitment to excellence.

We’re humbled to see our client base expanding steadily in both our Netherlands and Andorra offices. One of the noteworthy distinctions of partnering with JetConsult is the financial aspect. With us, you don’t need to make substantial upfront payments or commit to a complicated share program. Instead, you only pay for the cost of the charter that you’ve contracted. This transparent and straightforward pricing model means you have control over your expenses, without any hidden costs or long-term financial commitments.

In essence, JetConsult offers a unique blend of personalized service, accessibility, and cost-efficiency.

We prioritize the human connection, ensuring you have a team of dedicated professionals who are intimately familiar with your travel preferences, and we make it a point to remain approachable and consultative around the clock. This approach allows us to provide you with a high level of convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind that you won’t easily find elsewhere in the private aviation industry.

How fast can we charter a flight?

Our teams at JetConsult are on standby nearly round-the-clock ready to assist you at any time, wherever you are located in the world. Our name, JetConsult, aptly embodies our commitment to consulting with you at every step of your travel journey.

What is the difference between JetConsult and a private jet operator for example?

Collaborating with JetConsult offers distinct advantages over alternative options such as airline hour programs or shared jet ownership, primarily rooted in the personal and tailored approach we bring to the table.

It’s the personal touch that sets us apart from many larger entities in the industry, as we believe in fostering genuine relationships with all of our clientele.

Photo: Cormac Ryan-Meenan

How do you see your business over the next years?

We’re acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities. JetConsult is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of our flights. We actively engage in various initiatives, such as investing in reforestation projects and purchasing trees to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations.

We’re eagerly watching the developments in electric aircraft, knowing that this technology is poised to transform the industry.

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