Jeep Wrangler JL 2019. Khaki version

Jeep Wrangler pickup 2019. Khaki version

JL (2017)

The fourth-generation Wrangler was unveiled in late 2017 for the 2018 model year. The JL features additional powertrains over the Pentastar V6, a redesigned 8-speed automatic transmission, an easier fold-flat windshield, new zipperless soft tops, blind-spot monitoring, a backup camera, and a more modern interior.

Powertrains for the 2018 models included a 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 making 270 hp (201 kW; 274 PS) and 295 lb⋅ft (400 N⋅m; 41 kg⋅m) of torque and the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 gasoline engine making 285 hp (213 kW; 289 PS) and 260 lb⋅ft (353 N⋅m; 36 kg⋅m) of torque.

Additionally, a 2.2-liter turbodiesel I4 was first available in Europe and since 2020 in North America with EcoDiesel engines. For the 2021 model year, Jeep introduced a plug-in hybrid version of the Wrangler, dubbed the Wrangler 4xe, that went on sale in early 2021.

The Wrangler 4xe provides an estimated 25 miles (40 km) of all-electric range. In late summer 2021 Jeep released the Rubicon 392 model, the most powerful JL ever produced. It comes with a 6.4L Hemi V8 that produces 470 hp (350 kW; 477 PS) and 470 lb⋅ft (637 N⋅m; 65 kg⋅m) of torque. Its 470-horsepower engine powers through a quarter mile in 13.0 seconds, going 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

The Jeep Wrangler is a series of compact and mid-size four-wheel drive off-road SUVs manufactured by Jeep since 1986, and currently in its fourth generation. The Wrangler JL, the most recent generation, was unveiled in late-2017 and is produced at Jeep’s Toledo Complex.

The Wrangler is a direct progression from the World War II Jeep, through the CJ (Civilian Jeeps) produced by Willys, Kaiser-Jeep and American Motors Corporation (AMC) from the mid-1940s through 1980s. Although neither AMC nor Chrysler (after its purchase of AMC in 1987) have claimed that the Wrangler was a direct descendant of the original military model — both the CJ Jeeps and the conceptually consistent Wrangler, with their solid axles and open top, have been called the Jeep model as central to Jeep’s brand identity as the rear-engine 911 is to Porsche.

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