Izmailovo Kremlin

The Kremlin in Izmailovo is a cultural and entertainment complex built in 1998-2007 near the historical royal estate of Izmailovo in Moscow. It is a wooden building, stylized as Russian architecture of the XVI-XVII centuries (neo-historicism).

In 1998, public figure Alexander Ushakov presented a project for constructing a wooden Kremlin estate with an entertainment complex to the Moscow government. The city authorities permitted the construction. The construction continued until 2007.

The Izmailovsky Kremlin is located on a hill, and wooden fences and a stone wall with travel towers surround it.

In 2001, on the estate’s territory, the church of St. Nicholas of Myra was opened, which received the status of the metochion of the St. Danilov Stauropegial Monastery. The temple is one of the tallest wooden structures in Russia – its height is 46 meters.

In 2003, the opening of the first exhibition spaces took place. However, in 2005 a major fire destroyed many of the wooden buildings of the Kremlin. Six months later, a decision was made to restore the lost structures and erect new buildings: the Palace of the Russian Meal and the Palace of Marriages, also designed in the style of Russian architecture of the 17th century.

The total area of the newly built premises was 6500 m². Workshops of blacksmiths, potters, wood carvers, and weavers are in the courtyards of the Izmailovo Kremlin, where master classes are also held for visitors.
In total, the entertainment center includes eight museums.

The Museum of the History of the Russian Fleet is located on the banks of the Serebryano-Vinogradsky Pond near Izmailovsky Island. It shows the evolution of shipbuilding in Russia.

The collection of the Museum of the History of Vodka is dedicated to the story of the 500-year history of the drink, one of the centers of production of which was the Izmailovo lands, where grain farms were located.

The living museum of folk toys is dedicated to the evolution of Russian toys from the 16th to the 20th century.

The exposition of the Museum of Bread shows various production techniques and recipes for making pastries.

The entertainment complex also includes the Museum of Miniatures, “World History in Plasticine,” based on a private collection of plasticine figures, and the children’s center Museum of Ill-mannered Children, where interactive entertainment is available to visitors: drawing on the walls, shooting from a slingshot, painting fences and more.

Working hours: daily, 09:00–21:00.

Address: Izmailovskoe shosse, 73Zh, Moscow.

Nearest metro: Partizanskaya, Izmailovo, Lokomotiv.

Nearby: Izmailovo hotel complex – one of the largest hotels in the world.

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