Izmailovo hotel complex

The hotel complex “Izmailovo” in Moscow is located west of the former royal estate of Izmailovo on Serebryano-Vinogradnye Ponds (Serebryanka River) and was built to serve the XXII Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980.

With 5,000 rooms, it occupies the eighth line on the list of the largest hotels in the world. As of 2016, the owner of the Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Vega buildings was OAO TGC Izmailovo, 75% of which belonged to the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions.

The team of authors who created the complex project was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1982.

The active phase of design and construction took place from 1974 to 1980. Design and architectural supervision of construction was under the guidance of architect D.I. Burdin (1914-1978).

Construction characteristics: a pile field with a monolithic grillage, a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame according to the nomenclature of typical products with prefabricated stiffening walls. Subsequently, the formwork forms of the facade panels, which had not worked out their resource, were used in constructing the Kometa Hotel on Vernadsky Avenue.

The composition of the complex

• Five thirty-story, identical-layout residential buildings with a total capacity of 10,000 seats: Alpha, Beta, Vega, Gamma and Delta, symbolizing the five Olympic rings.
• Concert hall for 1000 seats with a simultaneous translation system (architects V. A. Klimov, E. V. Putyatin; monumental sculptural frieze – artist Z. K. Tsereteli).
• Central engineering and technical zone, consisting of TP, central heating station, garage and charging station for electric cars, police department (architect E. V. Putyatin).
• The residential buildings have spacious underground parking garages for buses and cars.
• All residential buildings, the technical area and the procurement factory are connected by a 2-story communication and transport tunnel at the basement level.

Residential buildings are equipped with high-speed elevators for Finnish and domestic production. Two groups of 6 high-speed elevators connect the residential floors and the lobby group in each building.

Furniture for residential rooms, lobby groups and restaurants was made according to the sketches of authors-architects by furniture companies in Lithuania and Finland. In the cladding of the walls of restaurants, Lithuanian-made ceramic embossed tiles made according to unique patterns were widely used.

In the structure of residential rooms, the main number are doubles, a smaller part – singles and a small number of suites. The capacity of the restaurants was designed to serve all residents in one landing after the Olympics, and it was supposed to use hotels mainly for group tourism through trade unions.

Izmailovo Kremlin is located nearby.

Address: Moscow, Izmailovskoye highway, 71,

Nearest metro: Partizanskaya, Izmailovo, Lokomotiv.

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