Ivolga EG2Tv

Ivolga 1.0 (022). Moscow railway

The Ivolga (“иволга”, Eurasian golden oriole), designation EG2Tv, is an electric multiple unit passenger train produced and manufactured by Tver Carriage Works (TVZ) for urban and commuter service.

Ivolga 1.0 (011). Moscow central diameter D2

First 2 trains were in use on Moscow railways — Novoperedelkino express route in 2017 — 2018 before extension of the Moscow Metro #8A Solntsevskaya line Solntsevskaya line. Since 2018, they are working on Usovo branch of Belorussky suburban railway line in preparation for launch of Moscow Central Diameters D1 Line.

Ivolga 2.0 (008). Dmitrovskaya station (D2)

The exterior and interior styling, however, was outsourced: TVZ ordered the design of the concept train to Integral Design and Development, S.A. company (Barcelona, Spain). A natural scale mock-up was built by Integral Design and presented in Russia in 2015.

EG2Tv-008 “Ivolga-2.0”. Winter period

In 2017, an re-styling of this model was also outsourced to Integral Design; in 2019, first Ivolga 2.0 train was constructed.

In 2021, yet another iteration of the design was presented, EGE2Tv aka Ivolga 3.0, with increased to 160 km/h max speed and meant for travelling longer distances. Whilst still utilizing the 2.0 exterior, the interior was updated by the Russian 2050.lab studio.

They are currently meant for the new under-construction stage D3 of Moscow‘s MCD system planned to open in 2022-2023. First trainset was completed in 2022.

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