Italian athletes Simon Oringon and Valentina Greggio are Speed ​​Ski World Cup champions

photo: grandvalira

Grandvalira, Andorra (Pyrenees)

Italian athletes Simon Oringon and Valentina Greggio are Speed ​​Ski World Cup champions.

This year, Simone Origone won his tenth Speed ​​Ski World Cup.

The World Cup final was held in Andorra (Grandvalira).

Simon Orgon was born in 1979 in Champoluc (Italy) and started participating in the competitions in 2004. In 2005, he won his first World Cup.

Simon set a world record, developing a speed of 254, 958 km / h.

Manuel Kramer, Austria, took the second place, Bastien Montes, France, took the third place.

The wind over 15 km / h prevented of using of a ten-meter tower for descent. Meteorological conditions were very difficult, and athletes had to take maximum efforts to participate in competitions.

Swiss Philippe May (185.68 km / h) and Celia Martinez from France (181.61 km / h) won the last race of the season.

Among the women the strongest was again Valentina Greggio (Italy). This year Valentina won her fourth Crystal Globe. Since 2015, she has won 25 times in a row.

Final classification 2018 Speed Ski World Cup

Men’s category

1. Simone Origone (Ita) 880
2. Manuel Kramer (Aut) 825
3. Bastien Montes (Fra) 533
4. Ivan Origone (Ita) 511
5. Tawny Wagstaff (Nzl) 316
6. Jan Farrel (Gbr) 305

14. Juan Carlos Sánchez (Esp) 149
22. Ricardo Adarraga (Esp) 91
47. Alvaro Garcia (Esp) 1

Women’s category

1 Valentina Greggio (Ita) 900
2 Celia Martinez (Fr) 690
3 Clea Martinez (Fr) 275
4 Britta Backlund (Sue) 230
5 Tomoko Shimbo (Jpn) 180

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