ISO motorcycles. Isomoto Comercial 125 cc (1952). 

ISO Rivolta is an Italian car and motorbike manufacturer active in the motor vehicle sector since 1938. Over the years, the company has taken various names, including Isothermos, Iso Autoveicoli Spa in 1952, Iso Rivolta in 1962, Iso Motors in 1973 and, in 2017, a return to ISO Rivolta.

ISO Rivolta has its origins in Isothermos of Bolzaneto, a factory producing electric heaters and chillers, purchased by the engineer Renzo Rivolta in 1939 and moved to Bresso in 1942, after a bombing raid on Genoa destroyed the offices. Immediately after the end of World War II, Renzo Rivolta decided to devote his company to the production of motorbikes, a type of market that offered significant commercial profits in those years.

The Iso scooter was one of the company’s early vehicles. It was equipped with a twin-cylinder engine inspired by the 125 Puch. Together with the Isomoto, the company was encouraged to add new versions and models such as the Isocarro, Iso GT, Iso Sport and Iso Ciclo.

In 1957, developing a project created on behalf of Maserati, the company replaced the now obsolete Iso 125 with a new model (Iso F/150) with more compliant lines that did not disappoint expectations. It remained in production until 1962, when the Iso company limited its production solely to cars. In 1961, a final 500 cm³ motorbike with a boxer engine was presented, but never went into production.

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