Is there any benefit from oxygen cocktails?

Is there any benefit from oxygen cocktails?

Residents of large cities, especially megacities, are sorely lacking air in everyday life. The lack of purified oxygen negatively affects our whole body. This is what my blog post is about today.

What happens when there is a lack of oxygen in the body?

The central nervous system does not cope with daily stresses, the brain does not work to its fullest, attention and memory suffers, the digestive system, lungs, liver and other internal organs, as well as blood vessels, function poorly. Hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) leads to an increase in the load on the heart, resulting in an increase in the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.

Without oxygen, the skin ages faster, and muscle tissue loses its activity and becomes flabby.

Filling the lack of oxygen with special oxygen cocktails:

To compensate for the lack of oxygen, oxygen-containing beverages can be consumed. Special oxygen equipment was created to produce oxygen cocktails, foam, which in a few days returns the body to its former vigor, and with regular use strengthens the immune system and stabilizes the work of all internal organs.

A couple of decades ago, an oxygen bar (or just the equipment) were associated only with medical institutions. Only there for a special purpose, delicious cocktails were prescribed to the patients being treated. Today, an oxygen concentrator in conjunction with a cocktail maker stands in every second major shopping center, in beauty salons, park areas, fitness centers and at home. Bars provide services not only for drinking oxygen cocktails but also for inhalation procedures, during which you can breathe pure oxygen, to which various pleasant aromas are added to the taste of the customer. Inhalation sessions are so attractively presented that they appeal not only to adults but also to young children, to whom this event resembles a fabulous festive action.

The benefits of oxygen cocktails:

These cocktails are useful to everyone who suffers from chronic diseases of the digestive and respiratory organs. It has a tonic effect due to the widespread enrichment of organs with oxygen. Cocktails improve metabolic processes in the body, improve hemodynamics and oxygen supply to tissues. The optimal single dose of the drink is 200 ml per day (for breakfast or afternoon tea).

It is recommended to drink cocktails for 10-14 days, then take a break for 2-3 weeks and continue afterwards.

Aromatherapy using pure oxygen, which is carried out in oxygen bars, has a dual purpose. Firstly, the oxygen therapy itself is beneficial, and, secondly, aromatic agents that are added to the nebulizer or aroma capsule have a beneficial effect on the body. The combination of mixtures has a relaxing effect and can reduce stress and anxiety.

Oxygen is also very useful for pregnant women and for adult women who are struggling with cellulite. For the first, the use of cocktails is equivalent to combating low hemoglobin in the blood. The fruit will develop properly, so problems with digestion and general well-being will disappear. And cellulite disappears due to the effect of oxygen on the subcutaneous fatty tissue, as a result of which fats are burned. As a result, not only the skin gets rid of the orange peel, but the body itself is cleaned, losing unnecessary kilograms.

Drinking these cocktails can also increase muscle tone, tightening muscles and making them more elastic. The most effective use of cocktails is before or after a massage and fitness classes. They enhance the effects of nourishing masks, liftings and peels.

Cocktails improve the complexion and overall condition of the skin and improve the condition of the hair by making it silkier. By taking oxygen in its pure form, you can get rid of peeling and inflammation on the skin, as well as rejuvenate your face, getting rid of many small wrinkles.

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