Irizar ie bus

The Irizar ie bus offers a sustainable and eco-efficient urban mobility solution for current and future transport needs in the city. It is available in 10, 12, 15 and 18 metre version.

The new generation 12-metre Irizar ie bus has won the Spanish Bus of the Year 2021 award. It is the third time an Irizar ie bus won the award: in 2015 it was the i2e and in 2018 the Irizar ie tram won the award.

This new generation of the 12-metre Irizar was presented for the first time at the Busworld 2019 trade fair. A new generation of more efficient batteries is combined with a regenerative braking system, which reduce consumption and offer greater vehicle range.

The new Irizar ie bus can have up to five interoperable slow charging point positions using a combo 2 connector. Slow charging the vehicle takes 3 hours. There is also the option of fast charging via pantograph.

This bus model has been operating since 2014 in different European cities such as Madrid, London, Marseille, Genoa and Luxembourg. And since 2023, these buses have been running in Paris (France).

Assembly: Ormaiztegi (Basque country)

Years of production: 2014—

Length: 12,160 mm

Width: 2550 mm

Height: 3300 mm

Passenger capacity: 96 (30 seats)

Power: 180 kW

Max speed: 80 km/h

Range: 250 km

Weight: 11600 kg

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