Intuitive nutrition: seven secrets

Intuitive nutrition: seven secrets

Intuitive nutrition is a system that does not involve dieting or severe dietary restrictions. This principle of nutrition has helped many people to reach their desired shape, get rid of food addictions and “make peace” with food. So, what is this magic method?

For the first time, the concept of “intuitive nutrition” was introduced in 2005 by American professor Steven Hawks, when, after conducting a study on himself, he managed to lose 23kg. Intuitive nutrition includes several rules, but these rules have nothing to do with the rules of diets or other food systems. This is what my post is about today.

1. Learn to feel hunger

Hunger is a condition of the body in which the stomach remains almost empty, requiring new portions of food.

Frequently, people confuse physical hunger with psychological hunger. Indeed, many people are accustomed to eating when they experience some kind of emotional feeling or are with company, that is, during moments when external or internal circumstances force one to eat. But this hunger is always sudden and depends on the circumstances, while physical hunger, which occurs gradually, is accompanied by a rumbling sound and a feeling of emptiness in the stomach.

To recognize real hunger, it is recommended to use a ten-point saturation scale, where 10 points is recognized as strong overeating, accompanied by feeling heavy or even nauseous and 1 point is extremely hungry. Of course, you should never be at the extremes. You can start eating at 4-5 points and finish at 7-8.

2. No diets

Often, diets end in failure and if it is possible to reach the bitter end then there is no guarantee that the lost kilograms will not return. The reason lies in the fact that a person is in disagreement with food and his body. Intuitive nutrition allows you to harmonize these relationships.

3. Stop feeling guilty

You do not need to punish yourself with grueling workouts to not feel guilty about eating one sweet. Listening to what you want at the moment is very important, because, perhaps, the body is experiencing a shortage of some substances and it is what is needed in that moment.

4. Eat slowly

When a person eats slowly, enjoying the taste of food and every bite, the signal of saturation is fed to the brain much faster. With a quick meal, saturation will take much longer, and a person in such a situation will want to eat something else.

5. Don’t tackle your emotions with food

“Sticking” of stress, joy, sadness, of course, has an effect, but not for long. Most often, emotional relief leads to overeating. It is worth trying to find other ways to relieve tension, for example, dancing, sports, a walk in the fresh air or doing your favorite hobby can help.

6. Understand and love your body

Naturally, everyone has different body constitutions. Someone is lucky with a waist, someone with hips, so it makes no sense to torture yourself by over-doing it with sports. Loving and respecting your body is very important.

7. Try to choose the healthiest foods and suitable physical activity.

Intuitive nutrition is not a reason to forget my body and think “I am who I am.” Fast food or sweets in large quantities obviously will not bring the body anything good. However, this does not mean that they should be excluded, the main thing in this case is moderation. The same with sports, you should not ignore physical exercises, because they heal the body and increase endurance. It is necessary by trial and error to choose the appropriate sport – it will be found. Some people like yoga, while others like more active physical activities such as aerobics.

Thus, the main purpose of intuitive power is to make peace with food and your own body, learn to listen to your needs and find your perfect figure forever.

Enjoy your meal!

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