Сenter of obstetrics and gynecology (Institut Marques, Spain) opens its branch in Andorra

Institut MarquesСenter of obstetrics and gynecology (Institut Marquès, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) opens its branch in Andorra (Pyrenees).

The centre will be open at Meritxell hospital in the administrative district of Escaldes-Engordany.

This project will improve the status of Andorra as a European country with a high quality international standards of medical services.

The volume of investments at the first stage is estimated at € 1.2 million (955 000 Euro in equipment, 290 000 euros – to attract staff). According to business plan, the centre will consist of laboratories of in vitro fertilization, andrology and genetic diagnosis.

The services will also include procedures and complementary methods of assisted reproduction, diagnosis and treatment of male infertility, preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos, sex determination of embryos and molecular genetic studies. In the first year, the team of doctors and specialists will consist of thirteen persons, in three years the number of employees of the centre will be increased to twenty-seven. In the first phase, the center will employ foreign staff, but in the medium term the company plans to attract local staff with relevant qualifications.

The opening of the center of high-level services, comparable with the standards of the United States, will enable customers from different countries – especially from the South of France and Northern Spain, to solve the problem of infertility with the assurance that high ethical and legal principles stated in the business plan of the centre. In particular company’s services may be very popular for customers from France, where there is a limitation of the legislation to women without partners or same-sex couples.

Today the Institut Marques serves patients from 50 countries.

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