Inflation rises to 6.1% in Catalonia in December, a new record-high

This, according to figures released by Spain‘s National Statistics Institute (INE), is a 0.8% rise on the month prior and is the highest figure since 2002, when the INE first started analyzing regional data.

Catalonia‘s record-high inflation rates are largely attributed to the soaring cost of utilities – that is to say, water, gas, and especially electricity – which are up 20% compared to the 14.7% seen in November.

Transport, meanwhile, is at 10.8%, while food and non-alcoholic beverages are at 4.7%. Prices in all other sectors, except for communications, are also up.

For Spain as a whole, at 6.5% in December inflation was higher than in Catalonia after having risen by 1% since November, but was still 0.2% lower than the same time a year ago.

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