Andorra plans to increase the volume of tourists during this summer by 4% comparing with the summer of 2014

andorra-summer-flowersThe Government of Andorra intends to spend for an advertizing campaign on television, radio and also in print and electronic mass media of national parks, resorts, sporting and cultural events of Andorra (Pyrenees) more than 2 million euros.

Campaign starts on March 17, 2015 and will affect such countries as France, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (mainly in the cities of Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart). In Spain for these purposes it is planned to spend 705 thousand euros, in France — 860 thousand euros, other money approximately will be equally spent in the remained specified countries.

The purpose of this campaign  is to continue positioning of Andorra as the country attractive for tourists during all calendar year. The second task is to increase the volume of tourists during the summer period approximately by 4% of total of the tourists visiting Andorra during the summer (about 800000). The population of Andorra is about 76000.  The growth of tourists this year, according to forecasts of the Ministry of tourism, is expected in August because of tours of Cirque du Soleil and also in September when in Andorra the World Cup in mountain bike (MTB) takes place.

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