In four months a pedestrian counter will regulate Andorra’s street traffic lights

The remodeling of Meritxell street in Andorra (Pyrenees)has a small technological revolution associated with space. As explained by the consul major of Andorra la Vella, Conxita Marsol, the work that is being carried out “has a plus” of technological equipment that will contribute to develop the project of smart city that was designed by the Comú (Andorra la Vella’s administration) team. Among the most relevant elements that will be incorporated there is a system of counting people that will be connected to the traffic lights regulation and will give priority to pedestrian needs.

On the other hand, the consul said that there will be a lot of cameras for video vigilance connected to the Police Service and the Circulation service (Traffic), as well as sensors of atmospheric pollution, temperature sensors, music and control of the illumination with a system that allows the interaction of the music and light. All in all, Conxita Marsol remarked that it will be a safe and modern 21st century shopping street.

This is a work that will help gain a smooth circulation and is technologically advanced. This has allowed the Comú to obtain an access a loan from Crèdit Andorrà that was formalized on Thursday, May 15th. The credit, as it was explained when the work was presented, is five million euros with a fixed interest rate of 1.90% to be returned in 10 years.

All these details were given by Conxita Marsol at a meeting with the media to assess the first 40 days of works on the shopping avenue. The mayor remarked that the work is progressing very well. They are up to date and the dateline will be meet. In fact, she said that she is increasingly confident that the work could be done in four months and that it is possible to do so.

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