Casa Beal, Casa Auvinya, Celler Mas Berenguer and Borda Sabater were named best during the conference of high-quality mountainous sorts wine producers in Andorra

The 2nd conference of winemakers—producers of high-quality wines made of grape sorts that grow at the Pyrenees mountainous estates took place in Andorra (Pyrenees).

Nowadays there are about 60 wineries in Andorra (for 30 years the growth of the amount of wineries has been related to the cultivation of new grape sorts). Andorra supplies with wine not only its internal market. Andorran wines can be bought in Portugal, Spain, France and many other European countries, even in Hungary. Wine-makers from these countries were invited to the conference both in the roles of participants and guests.

The Minister for Tourism and Environment Francesc Camp noted the importance of the event for Andorra. He said that “though collateral but wine making is still an integral part of the touristic business of Andorra. However, the wineries in Andorra present an additional incentive for visiting the Principality within the bounds of gastronomy tour that are popular in Andorra all year round. “Before the beginning of ski season, the wine-makers of Andorra  actively cooperate with the chefs of the restaurants, designing joint menu in order to ideally match Andorran wines with the dishes of Catalan cuisine and pleasantly surprise the guests that would like to enjoy a tasty meal after active leisure in the mountains”, commented one of the most reputable wine-makers of Andorra Maria Isabel Mijares.

Wine sampling, attended by anyone who wanted, took place at Placa de la Germandat square of San Julia de Loria parròquia. Among the most popular Andorran wineries, four deserved a special appraisal: Casa Beal, Casa Auvinya, Celler Mas Berenguer and Borda Sabater.

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