According to the Global Banking & Finance Review 2014 Credit Andorra is the best Andorran bank in the nomination “private banking”

It is for the second time that Global Banking & Finance Review agency grants the status of the best Andorran bank in “private banking” sector to Credit Andorra. This service is a top-notch level of client service in the global scale that presupposes individual approach to every client depending on the demands and risks management. Credit Andorra officially states that the promotion of private banking and asset management international services are parts of the strategy that presupposes further development of the bank. The bank representatives say that this nomination proves the recognition of Credit Andorra leadership within the bounds of international financial community.

Global Banking & Finance Review elicits and awards best financial structures that have attained highest peaks of success and advanced experience in such fields of expertise as innovations, achievements, strategies and progressive alterations of financial ambience.

Global Banking & Finance Review award has been granted to the best banks within the bounds of certain countries since 2011.

Credit Andorra is the biggest Andorran bank, its net profit made up 70 mln euro in 2013. The bank provides private banking and assets management services on the international level. The bank has got its subsidiaries in Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA, Mexico and also in such countries as Panama, Uruguay, Peru and Paraguay.

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