Impulse 201 turntable Stereo (Russian: Импульс 201).

The electric player “Impulse-201-stereo” from 1982. The manufacturer is Yaroslavl Radio Plant (USSR). The EP of the second complexity group Impulse-201-stereo is designed to play mono and stereophonic records complete with household radio equipment.

The device is equipped with a GZK-208 or GZM-103 head pickup, while the sound frequency range is different and is 40 … 12500 and 31.1 … 16000 Hz, however, other pickups were also installed. The downforce of the pickups is different and amounts to: 40 and 15 mH, respectively. The electric player has two disc rotation speeds: 33.33 and 45.11 rpm. The EP has a device for adjusting the disk rotation frequency. EP is powered by 220 V, consuming 15 W power. EP dimensions – 375x300x120 mm. Its mass does not exceed 5 kg.

Price of the new to date (1982): 100-125 roubles.

PJSC Yaroslavl radioworks (Russian: Ярославский радиозавод) is a company based in Yaroslavl, Russia.

The Yaroslavl Radio Plant produces communications equipment for military and civil use, including radio sets for air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-air radio telephone communication and for transmission and reception of coded telemetry information.

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