Iberia to Offer Record Capacity Between Europe and Latin America

In 2024, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico will see the largest capacity increases.

Iberia’s connectivity between Europe and Latin America will set a new record this year, with over 5.3 million seats between both regions.

The route between Argentina and Spain will have three daily flights, which represents a 50% increase compared to the previous winter season.

Brazil is another of the countries that shows the greatest growth, thanks to the increase to 14 weekly frequencies to Sao Paulo next winter season.

In Colombia, after the increase to three daily flights recorded last winter season, the route between Bogotá and Madrid will have 21 weekly frequencies throughout the year.

Peru, for its part, will also benefit from record capacity this year, as it consolidates 13 weekly frequencies, i.e., two daily flights every day except one.

Santiago de Chile also has an additional flight between June and September, reaching 11 weekly frequencies in this period, while the rest of the year it will maintain 10 frequencies. The same happens with Ecuador, since the route between Quito and Madrid will have a daily flight in 2024 (7 weekly frequencies), while Guayaquil will have three frequencies a week.

Montevideo (Uruguay), for its part, will also see historic capacity this year, as it will have one daily flight throughout 2024, while Caracas, in Venezuela, will consolidate growth to five frequencies per week.

In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, which began the year with nine weekly frequencies in January and 10 in February, will see a new increase, with 8 frequencies in November and 10 in December, which will continue to increase in the winter season in Europe.

At the same time, Puerto Rico registers a significant increase, with seven weekly frequencies during most months of the year, while last year that figure was between four and five. Havana, in Cuba, will have three frequencies every week.

In Central America, the routes between Madrid and Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador maintain daily flights, while Panama will have four weekly frequencies.

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