Hyundai Aero Town

The Hyundai Aero Town (hangul:현대 에어로타운) is a medium-duty midicoach manufactured by the truck & bus division of Hyundai. It was introduced in 1994.

It is primarily used as a midcoach and a smaller intercity bus as either a complete bus or a bus chassis. It is distinguishable by a front “Aero Town” badge, but the common Hyundai badge is usually on the rear.

Its primary competitors with the Daewoo BH090 Royal Star and Daewoo BS090 Royal Midi, and its related to the now-discontinued Asia/Kia Cosmos AM818.

It was replaced by Hyundai Green City.

Assembly: Jeonju Plant (South Korea)

Years of production: 1994—

Length: 8495 mm

Width: 2290 mm

Height: 2915 m

Capacity: 29 seats

Engine: D6DA19 (diesel)

Engine: 6 cylinders; 6606 cc

Power: 196 HP

Max speed: 122 km/h

Weight: 15,080 kg

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