The Hungarian Ikarus 180 bus. Made in 1969.

Moscow transport museum

The Ikarus 180 is a three-axle articulated bus from the Hungarian bus manufacturer Ikarus. It was produced in Budapest-Mátyásföld from 1966 to 1973.

Since around 1960, Ikarus has been developing a much-needed large-capacity bus for urban transport, with the concept being based on the advanced German HS 160 USL from Henschel. The front end and trailer were connected to each other by a joint with a bellows. The diesel engine was positioned under the floor between the first and second axle. The JÁFI-Csepel 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine C 619 with a displacement of 9,572 cm³ and an output of 180 hp at 2500 rpm was not satisfactory. Initially, series production was expected to start in 1963.

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