How to adjust the car mirrors to eliminate the blind spots?

1. Rearview Mirror.

Sit straight on the seat in the same position as when driving. Now, adjust the rearview mirror so that you can see as much as possible. Do not turn it from side to side; you should see in this mirror ONLY what is happening behind your car.

* Always switch the rearview mirror to night mode at night. Thanks to it, the headlights of cars driving behind you will not dazzle you.

2. Right-side mirror.

Ask a person to stand behind the car at a distance of one vehicle. Now, ask them to move slightly to the side and line up with the right edge of your car. Sit with your back straight in the driving position and check where the person is in your rearview mirror. Now, depending on where you see them, ask them to shift to be exactly on the mirror’s border. Ask them to stretch their right hand to the right and you will no longer see it in the rearview mirror.

Now, set the right-hand mirror so that the border of visibility passes through the exposed arm. You should not see the person behind the car but only their entire hand. The idea is that the images from both mirrors do not overlap. Thanks to this, you will see in the right-side mirror what you could not before and eliminate the blind spot on the right side of the car.

* Usually with this setting, you will not be able to see the side of your car in the side mirror. To do this, you need to lean slightly to the right.

* The height of the mirror should be set so that the end of the road (even on the horizon) is just above the middle of the mirror.

3. Completely eliminating all blind spots.

The car behind you should be visible in the rearview mirror. When it starts to bypass you on the right side and disappears from the rearview mirror, you should see its “missing” part in the right side mirror. When the front part disappears from the mirror, it should already be visible in your field of vision. If this happens, then it will mean that the mirrors are properly adjusted and you have eliminated the right blind spot completely.

4. Left side mirror.

You should adjust it by following the same procedure as with the right one, but in this case, you should see half of the person in the rearview mirror, and the other half in the left mirror.

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