How much does the location of an apartment in Andorra cost?

How much does the location of an apartment in Andorra cost?

Expert on immigration issues in Augé Grup, Olga Donskikh, answers:

“Rental prices in Andorra are very different and depend on factors such as location, general condition of the building and the apartment itself, number of rooms, furniture and garage.

For example, a single bedroom apartment can be rented more than 420 € /month, in an older building, with no garage, and up to 800 €/month for an apartment located in a new building, with garage and home automation. A two bedroom apartment costs between 600 and 1.500 € per month, with three rooms from 800 to 1700 €/month and more.

Any accommodation located in the center (Andorra la Vella, Escaldes) is generally the most popular. On the other hand, the apartments we can find in the most remote areas are cheaper; note that the price can actually be from 100 to 200€, especially for apartments with 3-4 rooms. As a general rule, the price per square meter is similar, however apartments located in a remote place are newer, and therefore maintenance is faster and cheaper. Moreover, in most cases the price also includes a garage.

Residents must pay local taxes and the amount is determined by each town hall (Comú), between 90 and 150€ per person per year, from which only adults are concerned. This levy is used to finance the lighting, cleaning and maintenance of the streets.

Operating costs (water, electricity, heating, maintenance and cleaning of communal areas) are between 50 and 400€ per month. The amount varies according to: the location, the equipment and the age of the building, the number of rooms, and the type of heating (gas / fuel oil (the cheapest) / electricity). In winter, expenses increase significantly due to heating costs. Access to public services is also subject to a fee of around 200€. Most often it is the tenant who has to take the steps, but sometimes it is the real estate agency that manages it.

According to Article 13 of the Law on leases of urban buildings of 28/09/1993, the minimum duration of the lease is of 5 years. In the event of early termination, the notice period is 3 months, unless it is otherwise stipulated in the contract. In addition, if the owner does not find a new tenant, the former one is liable for one month’s rent per contract year. It is important to know that at the signing of the lease the tenant must provide an amount equivalent to 4 months’ rent, which includes: rent for the first month + two months deposit + one month commission for the agency.


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