How does food affect our skin and appearance in the morning?

How does food affect our skin and appearance in the morning?

An experienced doctor, looking at the patient’s face, can tell (with a high degree of probability) what and how a patient eats. This is my post today.

If there is a rash on their forehead then it may mean that the intestines are heavily clogged with food and the alarms begin to ring. They simply cannot cope with digesting so much food. And for girls who are sitting on a non-cholesterol diet, who have excluded fats and oil from the diet, rashes appear on the temples.

The cause? The gallbladder requires oil and fat, it wants to move. The area around the eyes is the area of the kidneys. If less than 2 liters of water enter the body per day, or too much, then the kidneys start to suffer and then swelling will appear under the eyes the next morning. The space between the eyebrows is the projection zone of the liver. Problems with this organ occur when a person eats heavy food, as evidenced by inflammatory processes (acne) on the skin between the eyebrows.

Cheeks show what’s happening in the stomach. It cannot be overloaded. The stomach loves it when a person eats a little, often and only fresh food. But the bright red nose in the morning says that it was not necessary in the evening to drink so much alcohol.

Each of us can look in the mirror at our face and read the signals that the body sends us. From these signs, we can draw some conclusions and make the necessary changes to our diet.

What makes up a healthy menu? What products ruin our skin, and which help us to look beautiful? First about the bad.

– Sweets and chocolate. They provoke rashes on the face and can give us skin problems.
– Fast food. Teenagers’ favourite food. Yes, it is really tasty. But the fat from such foods will gradually lead to skin problems. For example, girls who love french fries often have very oily skin with various kinds of rashes.
– Spices. In small quantities these help to improve digestion. But their excessive use is not the best way to improve the condition of the skin.
– Alcohol. Another enemy of female beauty. A glass of wine is the norm for one day, not every hour.

And what products can be considered to be our assistants? There are a lot of them, but three are the most useful.

1. Tomatoes. These juicy fruits are able to protect our skin from sun exposure, they prevent the so-called photo-aging – permanent damage to the skin by ultraviolet light. Their structure contains a substance lycopene, which is also a powerful antioxidant.

2. Carrots. Juicy carrots contain beta-carotene, which also protects from the sun. This vegetable provides a lot of keratin (natural protein) for the skin and hair.

3. Pig Fat. In reasonable quantities, the favorite product of many has a positive effect on the skin of the face- namely that it makes it cleaner.

It is important not to forget about one thing: if you ate something bad in the evening, your face will surely remind you of it in the morning. Therefore, you should try to include healthy food in your diet and will look amazing in the morning.

Enjoy your meal!

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