St. Petersburg State Drama Theater “Comedians” and the House of Pertsov

St. Petersburg State Drama Theater “Comedians” is a chamber theater that has been operating since December 25, 1989.

Now it’s located in the so-called House of Pertsov on Ligovsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. The building houses the premises of the theater, including a hall for 95 spectators.

Tickets 200–1000 ₽. Performances: drama. Wheelchair Accessibility: Not available.

The Pertsov House is an apartment building, an architectural monument, a historic building in the Art Nouveau style, erected in St. Petersburg in 1910-1912.

The building consists of two symmetrical six-story buildings facing Ligovsky Prospekt. In the depths of the site there are several outbuildings that form courtyards. All facades of the apartment building are decorated with floral ornaments. The main façade is lavishly decorated with stucco that adorns four risalits at the level of the sixth floor.

The house was built in the American style, with 400 apartments of various sizes, with 18 elevators, telephones, public bathrooms, a reading room for residents, etc. It originally housed a first-class hotel with 200 rooms (first mentioned in archival documents on February 19, 1913) and the luxurious restaurant “Select” (mentioned in 1914 in the yearbook All Petersburg), thanks to which the house gained wide popularity. But the hotel did not bring high incomes – the noise of dray cab drivers, who were delivering goods from the Moscow (Nikolaev) railway station in the early morning, prevented the guests from sleeping. The restaurant at the hotel was too expensive for poor residents of the area.

Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Ligovsky prospekt, 44. How to get to by metro: Vosstaniya Square station, Vladimirskaya station, Ligovsky Prospekt station.

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