HM MOTO S.p.A: 125 XA racing

The HM CREs were Honda’s motocross motorcycles (the CRs) which, once imported into Italy, were prepared by the HM importer for European enduro. In fact, the acronym HM stands for Honda-Montesa (the Spanish company was absorbed by the Honda group in 1982)

The same happened for the 4-stroke versions which since 2007 were the only ones to be produced in the 250 and 450 cm³ versions under the Honda CRE F name, then the range was extended in 2008 to the 300 and in 2009 to the 500.

Since 2013, the homologation of the Honda 50cc has been entrusted to Vent. Since 2015, the homologation and import of Honda cross bikes has been entrusted to Red Moto, decreeing the end of the HM CRE series.

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