Hiking. Free hiking tours at Alt Urgell area (Catalonia)-2018

The town hall of la Seu d’Urgell has presented a program of hiking tours at Alt Urgell area “Les Rutes peu per l’Alt Urgell”, which will continue this Sunday, on 15th April. This year, tourists will be offered 27 hiking tours free of charge and accompanied by experienced mountain guides.

The purpose of the tours is to introduce tourists to rich natural, cultural and historical heritage of this part of Catalonia. Many routes are not advertised, so only local residents know about them.

On 15th April the hiking tour will take place in the Valdana area. The duration of trekking is over 11 kilometers, the level is high (it is calculated on the basis of the SENDIF method).

The accompanying guide is a member of the Union of Guides (“Unió Excursionista Urgellenca”).

Preliminary recording is required. The minimum period for registration is two days before the tour.

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