High risk of wildfires in Catalonia over weekend

Authorities warn of a high risk of wildfires in SpainCatalonia, over the weekend, especially in central and western counties, with Catalan interior minister Joan Ignasi Elena calling for caution.

Seven counties have been placed in fire risk level two of three, meaning they will see an increase in surveillance, while another two counties will likely be included on this list on Saturday too.

Temperatures are expected to rise sharply and be accompanied by low humidity, making forest fires all the more likely if people are not more careful than usual. 9 in 10 fires are started by people, Elena said.

“In some places the temperature will near 40ºC,” Elena cautioned the press on Friday.

The extreme heat also means that people should be more careful when spending time out in the sun.

Catalonia has been the site of devastating fires in the recent past, including a 433-hectare blaze in the northern Costa Brava’s Cap de Creus nature park this February and this year firefighters have had to intervene in 30% more controlled burns to stop the fires from getting out of hand.

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