Hermitage Garden in Moscow

The Hermitage Garden (New Hermitage, Shchukinsky) is the center of summer touring and pop life in Moscow, a monument of gardening art, one of the first Moscow pleasure gardens, and a popular place for cultural recreation.

Located in the center of Moscow in the Tverskoy district on Karetny Ryad Street, 3.

The Hermitage Garden occupies most of Karetny Ryad Street (on the odd side), from Uspensky Lane. There are the Moscow Hermitage Theatre, the Moscow Novaya Opera Theatre, the Moscow Sfera Drama Theatre, and a summer symphony stage on its territory.

It was founded in 1892 on the initiative and at the expense of Yakov Vasilyevich Shchukin, a well-known Moscow theater entrepreneur and patron of the arts.

The opening of the New Hermitage Summer Garden took place on June 18 (30), 1894.

On May 26 (June 7), 1896, the first public cinema session of the Lumiere brothers took place here.

Representatives of almost all circus genres demonstrated their skills in open areas. On July 29 (August 11), 1903, the famous illusionist Harry Houdini performed in the Hermitage Garden in Moscow with an extensive program of his tricks.

Opera performances by the troupe of S. I. Mamontov were staged here (in 1897, Faust with the participation of F. I. Chaliapin). S. V. Rachmaninov made his debut as a conductor of the Russian Private Opera.

Sarah Bernhardt, Ernesto Rossi, M. G. Savina, G. Salvini and many other foreign stars of the stage toured here.

Theaters and garden stages

The Hermitage Theater has been operating since 1987. Earlier since 1959, the Moscow Theater of Miniatures has been working here. The theater building is the oldest in the garden, a historical monument of the late 19th century.

Theater “New Opera” – opened in 1997 in the reconstructed building of the “Mirror” theater (MNIIP “Mosproekt 4”, architects V. Kotelnikov, A. Bakalyagin, E. Chernichkina, I. Geleta, engineers M. Livshin, I. Sokolova, I. Muravyova).

The theater “Sphere” – opened in 1981.

Open Stage of the Hermitage Garden.

Shchukin Stage – since 1910, a theater building, a historical monument of the early 20th century. It is a vertical dominant in the historically developed spatial composition of the Hermitage Garden.

Nearest metro: Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Trubnaya.

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