Health SPA-center Inúú, which was opened in Andorra (Pyrenees) in Escaldes-Engordany in January 2013, is part of the one of the most popular SPA-centers and thermal resorts in Europe – Caldea. Inúú struck a balance of its activity. According to the director of the SPA-center, Miguel Pedregal, Inúú profit is 400 000 euros in 2014. «It is a good result, taking in account that we had loss in 2013»,  he added. Miguel Pedregal called August and December the luckiest months. Everyday attendance was 450 customers per day during these months.

Inúú plans to raise the number of customers in the following year. So, the management of the SPA-center plans to invest around 500 000 euros in further infrastructure development for this reason. Among other things, one of the priority projects is a creation of health center for children. «Our clients proposed this idea and we decided to translate it into reality», Miguel Pedregal explained. It is assumed that works will be ended by the end of July, 2015.

Alternatively to Caldea, which is intended for groups, SPA-center Inúú is focused on individual health programs and visits for couples. The core value of the both resorts is curative virtues of thermal waters. They have a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and high content of sulphur and minerals (sodium, calcium, potassium, silicium, magnesium, iron). Thermal water has a pain relieving, cicatrizing and antiallergic effect. Package of five SPA treatments costs 313 euros. Treatments could be split between three days.

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